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Wellness / Life Coaching

Li Xuan made me feel comfortable right from the beginning, holding space without judgement for me to share the challenges on my mind. Her coaching method was structured and yet subtle, her questions were sharp and succinct, and the coaching conversation flowed smoothly from one topic of interest to another. Thanks Li Xuan for the amazing session that helped me resolve the issues on my mind!
Founder, Career Socius
HRBP, Unilever Korea

The coaching sessions that I have with Xuan help me a lot in connecting with myself. Every session is a brand new opportunity to get in touch with my feelings and perceptions about what is happening in my life. I learn to simply acknowledge and accept the experiences without judgment. Loosening my grasping on how I wanted my life to be, I am able to love and accept what I am now and move on. I am really thankful for Xuan’s guidance along this wonderful journey of self discovery. – Lee

I worked twice through coaching sessions with Xuan. She was able to coach me into deeper realisations easily within less than an hour. A good space provided from her, even though we did the sessions through Zoom. I am impressed. – Yih L.

Not knowing the direct cause and effect, I was not sure how coaching can help with me in finding a job. I have seen previously how coaching can work, thus want to try so again. I wanted to shorten the time taken to find a job and new ways of methods to do get a job. I found clarity with clear action steps. Also clarity on what was the internal barrier stopping me. As a result of Li Xuan’s coaching, I got a 2-3 offers, and another 1 that comes after I accepted a job. I found that the sessions were effective despite the 1 hour session. Coach pinpoints and gets straight to the point and allowing me, the client to see clearly the gap and the actions required to reach my goals. Li Xuan’s coaching style is gentle, yet at the same time thought provoking. Sometimes confrontational to help me see pass my own excuses. A variety of approach under her skillsets to bring about the best result for each coaching session. – HL

I was hoping the coach will guide me and giving me the courage to face my deepest fear. From coaching, I understand myself and know where my problems coming from and what’s the reason of it. Also. The way to overcome my problem. After being able to face my problem and deal with it, I struggled and finally break free from it. Go for it. It will be beneficial in many ways. You will never know until you try it. – En Xin

Meditation Sessions

Completed two online meditations with Li Xuan. Feeling the calming effects of meditation despite the absence of physical space. Would really recommend friends and family to try out. Especially in the current lockdown environment. Good to calm the chaotic mind and set on a good path ahead 🙂
Jack Li
Senior Financial Consultant

Lixuan has a calm and peaceful presence as a meditation instructor. Her gentle and steady approach keeps us grounded during the meditation, and her passion in helping others made me feel well supported to clearing issues that I had with my sleep. She’s the real deal. – Ying Ling, UX Designer

After the meditation, I felt that my mind was very quiet, I am in more control of my own energy, emotions and thoughts. I felt so calm and still, achieving the objective of inner balance. I had discovered inner peace, heightened awareness and sensitivity to things around me more. I felt recharged and my vision became clearer and brighter after the session. It helps my mind to declutter and to build resilience to withstand negativity from the environment. – Pierce Tan, F&B Manager

I felt a lot of energy coming from within and I felt more energised and calmer. It is a good way to realign to myself and reflect on my state of mind. I enjoyed the safe and effective space for meditation that was set up by Li Xuan. Meditation helps, but you want to make sure you are doing it effectively. Li Xuan gives really good guidance and provides a conducive space for it. It makes a difference. – Kai Heng, Software Developer

After the drumming session, I felt really peaceful and relaxed, as if I’ve sat on the beach for 5 hours, although the drumming session was about an hour plus. I felt happier and more composed. The sense of peace and tranquility continued for a few days, I was able to be more present in the moment. – Jill, HR

I had the chance to start my meditation journey with Li Xuan. It’s been now 4 months and it drastically helped me with the challenging year I’m going through. I learned to step back from inner small problems and lot of stress, which helps me to focus on the bigger picture of things and life. I never thought someone could bring so much positivity in my life, with simple online sessions. I highly recommend the experience to anyone seeking for calm, clarity and energy.
Software Engineer


Both meditation and coaching are well-suited for professionals seeking for personal improvement amidst the daily stress of life. It provides you with a much needed mental and emotional space.

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