Meditation Class

From: $18.00


Meditation Class

(11 customer reviews)

From: $18.00

Many people keep trying but still feel stressed, emotional or have disturbed sleep. Xuan Healing Cove’s meditation helps you recharge and focus so that you can be more productive.

Join us to experience a guided secular meditation class. Meditation methods come from zen, sound healing, breathing and energy cleansing.

Relax, recharge and rejuvenate yourself from within!

1. Find a Date:

Meditation Online: Sunday, 10am – 11am
Live On-Site Meditation: Sunday, 9am – 11am

Time in GMT+8 (Singapore time)

2. Select Your Package:

  • Virtual Meditation Class on Zoom:
    • SGD 18 per session
    • SGD 68 per 4-session package (5% off)
    • SGD 128 per 8-session package (16% off)
  • Physical Meditation Class:
    • SGD 48 per session
    • SGD 180 per 4-session package (6% off)
    • SGD 320 per 8-session package (16% off)

3. Find calm and clarity



Upcoming Classes

1) Virtual Meditation Session: Sundays 9:30 am – 10:30 am (GMT+8)

Refresh and recharge yourself on Sunday with our Rejuvenate Sunday series. Improve your energy. With better energy, your immunity improves, your think more clearly and can be way more productive! How many precious hours are spent sleeping in the weekend just trying to get back energy? With just 90min of meditation, recharge to do what you want in the weekend!

2) Live Meditation Session: Sundays, 9.00am – 11.00am (GMT+8) in Singapore.

Exact details will be sent on confirmation.

What’s In Each Session?

  • 60min guided session online
  • Meditation home space set up guide – Complimentary on demand
  • Access to meditation community and friends
  • Learning on meditation, coaching and personal development


In each live class, you experience:

  • Introduction to meditation
  • Preparation exercises for meditation
  • Meditation exercises
  • Debrief
  • Understanding of progress

Meditation can potentially help you to:

1. Focus better
2. Relieve accumulated stresses
3. Build better energy and immunity
4. Communicate with your inner self
5. Clear your mind
6. Find inspiration and solutions
7. Manage your emotions



Xuan Healing Cove’s Meditation employs a use of variety of techniques originating from both modern and traditional schools of meditation, such as breathing practice, visualization, awareness of body and mind, muscle and body relaxation, sound listening, sound vibrations, aroma relaxations and etc.

In addition, you get to learn the following:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Self-healing techniques
  • Deeper awarenesss and self management

If you don’t do anything and just try to sleep it off, the stress and worry remains. How can you perform at your best when you’re secretly anxious within?

Join us today for a session!

Additional information

Number of Sessions

1 Session Online, 4-Session Package (Online), 4-Session Package (Physical), 8-Session Package (Online), 8-Session Package (Physical), 1 Physical Session


29 Jan (Sun, 9am-12pm): Elemental Connections – Meditation Insights 2023, Fix my date later

11 reviews for Meditation Class

  1. Jack (verified owner)

    Completed two online meditation with XuanHealingCove. Feeling the calming effects of meditation despite the absence of physical space. Would really recommend friends and family to try out. Especially in the current lockdown environment. Good to calm the chaotic mind and set on a good path ahead 🙂

  2. Phola (verified owner)

    oh wow, I was trying to do coding and couldn’t solve a bloody nasty bug… my mind and brain were simultaneously lost and blur… so I decided to go for the Sunday class (after all, it’s the weekend 😉) then Magic of Meditation (Li Xuan’s method more exactly) did the job!!! Not that the meditation solved my bug haha but more that the session helped me relax and clear my mind, restructure my thoughts and technical reasoning… I was then so clear and focused that I managed to clear the tricky bug almost immediately after the session!!!! for the body, you have Vitamin C, for your mind you have Li Xuan’s Meditation class!

  3. Nagarjun

    I am attending Li Xuan’s meditation sessions face to face as well as online, since mid 2019. Each session helps to unfold my inner self in its own way. Really helps to let go off negativity and less important things, and bring focus, clarity and prioritize the tasks. I personally feel clear, brisk and active after the sessions. Thanks a lot Li Xuan 🙂

  4. Sanjana

    I really feel very recharged and refreshed after the meditation sessions. Especially, in this covid situation where there is so much negativity around, I feel much more connected within and positive after the session. I would highly recommend these classes. Thanks Li Xuan for the wonderful sessions 🙏

  5. Pierce Tan (verified owner)

    The meditation is well conducted. In my personal life i am experiencing stress and lostness due to this covid-19. I am trying to get back on my feet but failed to do so, i feel stuck and just couldn’t seem to fire up to get back into my working pace. After this meditation, my energy return back to me, i notice during meal my appetite becomes better, i felt happy, recharge, my mind becomes clear, my vision become sharper. Thanks to Li Xuan for reaching out.

    A good example for me to describe my experience for this meditation. A car, breaks down on the road no matter how much petrol is pump into the car it just doesn’t seem to get the engine start. Your friend who know how to fix car came and help out suddenly the engine start roaring ! ready to roll out ! Just like after the meditation i am full of energy and ready to get back my momentum.

    • Li Xuan Lee (verified owner)

      thank you Pierce for sharing your experience. Continue to roll on the momentum!

  6. Gao Yang (verified owner)

    Li Xuan is a cheerful, warm and highly experienced meditator and has all the effective techniques to guide you into and through the meditation states.
    I had several sessions of successful engagement in lucid dream-like states where I could access my deeper consciousness with her guidance. These helped me to recognise significant moments and I managed to realise several very important things about my family, my beloved ones and myself.
    She’s truly amazing!

  7. Bastien (verified owner)

    I had the chance to start my meditation journey with Li Xuan. It’s been now 4 months and it drastically helped me with the challenging year I’m going through.

    I learned to step back from inner small problems and lot of stress, which helps me to focus on the bigger picture of things and life. I never thought someone could bring so much positivity in my life, with simple online sessions. I highly recommend the experience to anyone seeking for calm, clarity and energy.

    • Li Xuan Lee (verified owner)

      Thank you Bastien for sharing your experience!

  8. Ada

    The sessions with Li Xuan have been really helpful. She shares techniques about meditation which are seemingly simple but incredibly powerful. I’ve managed to elevate my energy level and achieve a higher sense of clarity after attending just the online sessions. Another advantage of Li Xuan’s online session is that she makes it rather interactive. This means you get to see other attendees and hear their experience, which can be really helpful for self-reflection too.

    In addition, Li Xuan is calm and super approachable, which makes it really easy to connect with her.

  9. Ying Ling

    Lixuan has a calm and peaceful presence as a meditation instructor. Her gentle and steady approach keeps us grounded during the meditation, and her passion in helping others made me feel well supported to clearing issues that I had with my sleep. She’s the real deal 🙂

  10. Ping

    Had my first online session with Lixuan. Feels calm after the medication & will continue to learn. This is effective to “refresh” onself after the hectic months of work 🙏 & the current ever-changing situations. Thank you.

  11. Alfred Ang

    Today is my 1st time trying out meditation.
    Li Xuan’s guidance was clear and effective . I can feel the changes of my internal energy and calmness , though I can’t focus well yet .
    Looking forward to her physical lessons.

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