Energy Massage Healing for Body and Energy

From: $68.00


Energy Massage Healing for Body and Energy

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From: $68.00

Are you:

  • Always feeling tired?
  • Not sleeping well, e.g. insomnia?
  • Having body pains or weakness?


We help you to ease the energy (chi) blockage in the organs, muscles and energy channels.

Our healing is based on traditional healing techniques passed down from healing masters in Thailand, China, Taiwan and Singapore. You will get a customized healing from any of the following: lymphatic, energy and organ healing (chi nei tsang 气内脏), hand reflexology massage, meditative healing, breath healing and release of trapped emotions.

We have helped over 50 clients in feeling rejuvenated and feeling less pain. Contact us to find out more on how you could possibly heal a current physical, energy or emotional issue.



Lymphatic Massage Healing for Body and Energy facilitates you in moving forward in your healing journey. The healer helps to facilitate the healing of your organs, your energy, and your strains and pains. Each healing session is customized for you.

How Healing Works

Our body naturally heals. But sometimes, it gets stuck. No matter how you eat, sleep, drink water and exercise, the same strains and pains are still there? Why?

This is because there is deeper blockage. This could be a physical, emotional, mental or energetic blockage. Our job in healing is to identify the possible blockages and help your body to ease these blockages.

When this happens, your energy comes back, along with your body’s natural healing processes.

Healing Origins

The origins of the healing techniques used here are:

  • chi & organ healing (chi nei tsang / 气内脏)
  • lymphatic massage
  • hand reflexology massage
  • meditation
  • breath healing
  • emotional awareness and release

These healing methodologies are passed down from our healing masters, who learnt healing from their masters, and so on.

What Can You Possibly Heal?

1) Heal Your Body:

  • Better energy in your chi, organs, body
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Less body pains

2) Heal Your Energy:

  • Clearing energy blockages
  • Reduce tiredness
  • Reduce feeling of heaviness


What Happens in the Healing Process:

  1. Consultation and healing diagnosis to understand what you need
  2. Customized healing plan for you
  3. Healing sessions (usually 60 to 90 minutes)
  4. Feedback & follow ups


Contact us to understand more and arrange for a session.

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Hand Reflexology Healing, Lymphatic Massage / Energy Healing, 5 sessions Full Healing, 10 sessions Full Healing

2 reviews for Energy Massage Healing for Body and Energy

  1. Sarah

    Li Xuan’s energy healing massage helped my menstrual cramps greatly. For the past 1 year since her massage session, I have experienced less painful cramps and also found the energy and stamina to overcome cramps during especially stressful months. It has helped my self-management and work too. It was my first time at energy massage healing with Li Xuan but she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Would highly recommend her services if you feel any longstanding aches and pain in your body due to emotional or physical challenges.

    • Li Xuan Lee

      Thank you for your review!

  2. Jonathan Goh

    I met Li Xuan through a holistic health fair during a time I was going thru immense work stress and at the verge of just about breaking down. In my moment of need, she generously gave me her time and her ear to share my story, and in that process struck me as someone special and naturally gifted in her ability to differentiate underlying issues from just the mundane details of the circumstances. Encouraged by my experience, I subsequently enrolled for her drum healing and meditation trials through which I saw her sincere passion to serve and to add value to people’s lives. I also learnt that her deep sense of compassion was balanced by her being strongly grounded in reality through her own difficult personal life experiences. It was with such encounters with her that I finally decided to look her up again after many months, to relook at issues of energy blockages affecting both my body and mind. To that note, I found the space used for the session deeply peaceful & healing, a testament to her efforts in preparing her state of mind and the space long before I arrived. This was complemented by the healing herbal sprays and incense she used to enhance the healing process. The session started with a diagnosis of the body, especially the lymphatic system and internal organs. Li Xuan was pretty intuitive and was able to sense both the flows and the energy blocks which she validated through her occasional questions. Her advice to wear loose comfortable clothing .. as opposed to tight ones .. was most sensible as to address energy blockages detected requiring gentle stretches to unblock. It’s hard to put a finger on the exact physical sensations I felt during the session, as the effects to me were holistic. But I would say that I definitely had a lovely and very healing experience at different levels. While things at work are slightly better than before, I am still going through a lot of baggage and challenges at work I felt helpless against and the end of the session, I felt more opened up, like loads were lifted. Sort of less of a victim mentality, with an intangible feeling of being more able to share and help others. I am pleased with the outcome, and glad that I had made the decision of coming for this treatment.

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