Emotional Healing Personal Coaching

From: $248.00

Emotional Healing Personal Coaching

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From: $248.00

Have you been feeling emotional?

Sad, angry.. it’s like an emotional roller coaster.

You know you should be more stable and calm. Everyone tells you don’t be so emotional. You wish you can control yourself better but your emotions keep getting the better of you. You hurt the people you love unintentionally. And when you realize it, the damage is done. It’s too late.

Our gentle and supportive Emotional Healing Coaching can guide, support and empower you to change. Change how you manage your emotions on a day to day basis and become at ease with yourself and your emotions. Gain control over your emotions.

You will be supported by a coach over a 2-week to 6-month private coaching program to heal your emotions and gain control in your life again.

Also, each session is customized for you. Our coaching is based on life coaching and your coach is accredited by International Coach Federation.

Book a session and find your answers.

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Which Areas Can Life Coaching Help?

With a life coach, you get to move forward and accelerate on a range of professional and personal issues:

  • Your Career
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Limiting Beliefs / Emotional Blockages


Is Life Coaching for me?

Life coaching helps you to discover yourself, set better goals with specific action steps, and overcome the limiting beliefs and obstacles you face, so that you can manifest results beyond.

You can consider life coaching if you wish to:

  • Bring your professional work performance to a next level
  • Change career and figure out which direction to go
  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Move on from a past relationship
  • Improve your communication and relationships
  • Get started on a personal project
  • Accelerate and smoothly undergo the transition in life


How does Life Coaching Help Me?

A coach helps you grow by working with you to:

  • Analyze and understand your current situation
  • Identify and work through limiting beliefs and other potential challenges you face, especially the hidden ones
  • Co-create a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life


What makes life coaching different?

Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy.

  • What you find is yours. You discover your personal answers and solutions from through the coaching process. This is not replicable to everyone, as you are unique and your answers are unique to you.
  • You have more freedom. You have the option to create a plan that suits you and not only follow steps 1 to 10 using a prefixed method.
  • You set your goals. Your agenda matters over the coach’s agenda. Often times you find yourself having to follow a pre-defined plan for everyone. Here, you work with a coach to refine your personal plan.


Sign up for a trial session to figure out:

  • What do you not know/see about your current issue, i.e. your blindspots?
  • What could be holding you back
  • What solutions can you explore?


More importantly, you get to find out whether you are a good match with the coach. The chemistry matters!

Additional information

Coaching Session

Single Session, Going Deeper Package (4 Sessions), Letting Go Package (10+1 Sessions), Moving Forward Package (20+3 sessions)

2 reviews for Emotional Healing Personal Coaching

  1. Yih L.

    I worked twice through coaching sessions with Xuan. She was able to coach me into deeper realisations easily within less than an hour. A good space provided from her, even though we did the sessions through Zoom. I am impressed.

  2. Lee (verified owner)

    The coaching sessions that I have with Xuan help me a lot in connecting with myself. Every session is a brand new opportunity to get in touch with my feelings and perceptions about what is happening in my life. I learn to simply acknowledge and accept the experiences without judgement. Loosening my grasping on how I wanted my life to be, I am able to love and accept what I am now and move on. I am really thankful for Xuan’s guidance along this wonderful journey of self discovery 😄

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