Small Group Coaching: Working through Relationship Conflicts

Small Group Coaching: Working through Relationship Conflicts

Date(s) - 26 Aug 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Being in close contact with people over a long period of time can bring about some conflicts. Maybe it’s with your spouse, your family member or colleague.

Do the conflicts come from them? Or you? Or Both?

It’s easy to point fingers and blame others for making our lives difficult.

Yet, the truth is, we also have a part to play in the conflict. We can’t change others, but we can change ourselves.

And this starts with knowing and accepting ourselves.

With the small group coaching’s support, you can get more clarity and learn to manage your relationship conflicts more effectively.

You get to be honest with yourself, how you are feeling and what’s really happening in a safe environment.

This is applicable for:

1. Work relationship
2. Family relationship
3. Friendship

Your sessions are led and facilitated by a certified life coach and include:

1. Exploring what this topic means and how it applies to your situation
2. Questions and discussions to know yourself and your relationships better
3. Activities to brainstorm and evaluate solutions
4. Sharing of knowledge and experience from the group

Join us for a small group coaching session on the topic of managing relationship conflicts!

When: 26 Aug Wednesday 8pm – 10pm
How much: $38
Where: Zoom

Kindly note that each session is limited to 6 pax only for deeper sharing, privacy and effectiveness of sessions.

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This session is led by Li Xuan, a certified life coach with the International Coach Federation. She has worked with over 300 individuals on their life’s transitions in career, relationships and emotions. Her clients have gained more clarity, motivation and deeper connection with themselves and thus felt more fulfilled in their lives.

In addition to coaching, Li Xuan also teaches meditation and conducts drum healing to enable deep relaxation of stress, emotions and sleep better.

You can read more about coaching, meditation and healing here:

“I had attended the last small group coaching. In one session itself I was able to see shift in mindset. The session was done in a very relaxed manner so I was calm. It also gives action points which are very important.” – Su

If you’re interested in taking a step forward in resolving relationship conflicts, join us by registering now!

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