[Online] Small Group Coaching: How to be okay with not being okay in this period?

[Online] Small Group Coaching: How to be okay with not being okay in this period?

Date(s) - 28 Jul 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


What’s going to happen in the future? We don’t know.

It’s a period where we are learning to be certain with being uncertain.


Are you feeling…

– fearful, frustrated or anxious?

– sad, depressed and the inner negativity rising?

– just not very okay but having to show everyone you’re okay


Imagine you can come to peace with not being okay in this period.


No matter how difficult things get, you can and you have the confidence to get through it.


If you’ve tried telling yourself “It’s OKAY”, you probably know that telling yourself stories doesn’t really help. Because deep inside, you can feel it.


Getting to a peaceful state of mind is a PROCESS.


With a life coach’s support, you can get more clarity and navigate through your mind more effectively. Part of this process involves being honest with yourself, how you are feeling and what’s really happening.


Next Two Sessions:

– Session 1: How to be okay with not being okay in this period? [28 Jul 8pm]
– Session 2: How to work through relationship conflicts? [11 Aug 8pm]

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Your sessions are led and facilitated by a certified life coach and include:

1. Exploring what this topic means and how it applies to your situation
2. Questions and discussions to know yourself better
3. Activities to brainstorm and evaluate solutions
4. Sharing of knowledge and experience from the group


Join us for a small group coaching session on the topic of being more positive and motivated!

When: 28 Jul, Tuesday, 8pm – 10pm SGT
How much: $38 for 1 session, $68 for 2 sessions
Where: Zoom

Kindly note that each session is limited to 6 pax only for deeper sharing, privacy and effectiveness of sessions.

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About the Coach and Facilitator

This session is led by Li Xuan, a certified life coach with the International Coach Federation. She has worked with over 300 individuals on their life’s transitions in career, relationships and emotions. Her clients have gained more clarity, motivation and deeper connection with themselves and thus felt more fulfilled in their lives.

In addition to coaching, Li Xuan also teaches meditation and conducts drum healing to enable deep relaxation of stress, emotions and sleep better.

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