Mindful Working Series: Meditation Basics

Mindful Working Series: Meditation Basics

Date(s) - 04 Jun 2023
9:00 am - 10:00 am


As busy professionals working in the city, it is common to find ourselves caught up in many activities at work and after work. Often we try to fill up our time with as much productive activity as possible. In this way, we feel fulfilled and that we are not ‘wasting time’.

Meditation and mindfulness practice brings a different and deeper quality to your work and life. While working, you can gain greater awareness and be able to shift your state of mind, your perspectives and become more agile and adept as you navigate through the course of work and life.

Stress, overwhelm, insomnia, anxiety, feeling hopeless and bored, all these states of mind arise naturally when there is a mismatch between what you expect and what is happening. Becoming mindful through meditation and mindful reflections can help you to be more effective, grounded (calm) and motivated.

In these sessions, we welcome you to a calm and reflective space for your mind, heart and inner self to recharge. Apart from the session itself, learn practical mindfulness so you can bring this quality of mindset into better managing your daily situations in life and work.

Join us for the Mindful Working Series, which comprises of 4 sessions:

1. Meditation Basics – 4th June (Sun, 9am-10am)
Learn the basics for being aware as a meditation practice, and on how to bring this into daily moments in your life, such as before the day starts, before an important event, after a long day or intensive event. Experience and learn how to come back to the present, instead of drifting through each day.

2. Clarity of Mind + Focus – 18th June (Sun, 9am-10am)
Learn how to meditate and build up your energy, focus deeply and bring yourself to the present moment. This is especially effective if you need to focus intensively in your work or areas of your life, and you don’t have a lot of time to sleep, recharge or chill around.

3. Influence from Within – 2nd July (Sun, 9am-10am)
Learn how to shift your internal state and perspective, such that you can also begin to choose and embody the quality of energy from you into your work, relationships and daily experiences. Instead of blaming others and expecting others and to change to your liking, learn how to manage your internal state of mind and bring inner strength into your meetings, projects and tasks that you work on daily.

4. Practicum and Continuity – 16th July (Sun, 9am-10am)
In the last session of this series, we bring together all that we have learnt into a practical session for you to design your own mindful life. Bridge the intangible feelings of relaxation and clarity from meditation into practical applications into enhancing and deepening your mindful experience of life.

Through meditation, learn to:

  • Be calm and clear in the presence of your thoughts, emotions and stresses.
  • ​Get insights on challenges and take actions actively.
  • Relax and go with the flow of nature and life, instead of fighting against or complaining.
  • ​Gain the energy and clarity to transform obstacles into lessons and gifts.
  • Gain insights, creativity and healing from your inner self.

Here are some benefits of meditation:

  • Inner peace, less stress and anxiety.
  • ​Clearer direction in times of confusion.
  • Improved inner motivation and fulfilment.
  • Opened creativity in formulating solutions.
  • ​Navigate challenging periods with more zen.

​About Your Meditation Coach

​Li Xuan is an emotional wellness and meditation coach.

​She enables people to be more in tune with their inner self, and help them to take actions to be more aligned, relaxed and happy. Since 2018, Li Xuan has helped over a thousand individuals in Southeast Asia, through coaching, meditation and sound/energy healing.

​Personally, she enjoys connecting with nature, having deep and sincere conversations, writing and being in quiet reflective moments.


​Date: 4 Jun, 18 Jun, 2 Jul, 16 Jul 2023

​Time: 9am-10am (GMT+8 SGT/HKT) / 8am-10am (GMT+7 ICT)

​Venue: Zoom

​​Price: $20 for single session, S$68 for program package.

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