Meditation: Find Your Inner Peace

Meditation: Find Your Inner Peace

Date(s) - 01 Dec 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am

753 North Bridge Road # 02 - 01 Singapore 198721


753 North Bridge Road #02-01 Singapore 198721


Are you curious about meditation?
Have you been feeling tense and want to relax?
Have you been seeking for answers about life?

You are welcome to enjoy a surreal time with your inner self through a personally guided meditation session!

This is not just sitting and doing nothing.
You are spending quality time with you.

This is a space for you to nourish your heart and mind.

This is your time to heal from the noise of people talking, expectations from your boss and colleagues, and pressure of performing up to par.

Meditation can potentially help you to:
1. Focus significantly better
2. Relieve accumulated stress
3. Relax deeply
4. Communicate with your inner self
5. Clear your mind
6. Find deeper meaning
7. Clear emotional blockage

With sustained and consistent guided practice, you start to see real improvements in how you feel and think.

You may be surprised by how your perspectives begin to open up and change for the better.

Dissolve the old wounds, anger and hurts.

This is a path to unlock your love, joy and clarity from within you.


How meditation can help you in your personal life:

1. Happier work and personal relationships:
– More clarity about what’s wrong and how to resolve problems. When you can finally focus 100%, solutions become obvious. You get energy to give love, be happy and smile.

2. Clarity in career and relationship matters:
– If you are seeking for what’s next, what better way to find the answers than looking within yourself? You can get many external ideas from others, but you still feel lost. the real answer comes when you take the time to truly listen to your inner voice. Meditation can help you here.

3. Sustained Energy to do what you want:
– Tap into your inner source of energy. Sort out the confused messes in your mental and emotional space. Especially those thoughts that are hanging out in your space and taking up precious space and energy.

Remember to give yourself a space to heal
Listen to your body, heart and mind.
You deserve it.

These meditation sessions are inspired from traditional meditation techniques and backed by science of psychology and your energetic fields and frequency. The instructor, Li Xuan is a meditation practitioner since 2010 and has been teaching meditation in recent years. She is also a certified Life Coach and healing practitioner through chi nei tsang, shamanic drum healing, hand reflexology and meditative healing. She helps you to connect to what matters to you and find back the love and joy within you.

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