Abundance Drumming for 2020, this Decade and 12 Lunar Year Cycle

Abundance Drumming for 2020, this Decade and 12 Lunar Year Cycle

Date(s) - 01 Feb 2020
10:00 am - 2:00 pm



What comes to mind when you hear the word abundance?
Lots of wealth? Good relationships? Lots of opportunities and luck?
Or being in an open flowing abundance?


Abundance is………….
(fill in the blank)


Abundance is a mindset, where you let go and receive with an open heart and mind. The result when you can fully embody abundance: Abundant flow of resources!


Unlike popular belief, abundance is not about having a lot, or having enough. It is not holding on to what you already have or being greedy or hungering for more, which comes from a mindset of poverty.


In this session, we are coming together to open up our subconscious energy to feel, to know and to be in the flow of abundance.


Five types of abundance:
1. Wealth
2. Good Relationships (人缘)
3. Vitality / Energy
4. Wisdom
5. Good Opportunities & Luck


Feb 2020 is a once in a decade special time for abundance:
1. Chinese New Year: This is a period of abundance in the natural universal energies.
2. Year 2020 is the first year of the decade. An excellent time to reset and prepare your mental state for your abundance for this decade.
3. Feb 2020 is also the first year of the Lunar 12-Year Cycle (12 zodiacs 生肖). Great timing to welcome abundance for this 12 years cycle!


You are warmly invited to join in an exclusive session, happening once in 10 years, to open up your doors to abundance for three important periods
– Year 2020
– This 10 year cycle
– This 12 lunar year cycle


Join in a 4-Hour guided group session of Abundance Drumming, a deep healing methodology to reduce your internal obstacles, and help you become more open to receive and give abundance for yourself and for your loved ones.


The sounds and vibrations of the healing drums are believed and experienced by many to help to release negative energy that you have been stuck with and to open up (when you are ready for it) the new and fresh energy and doors in your life. You can get to cleanse and clear your energy and mind.


Benefits of Joining:
1. Open your abundance from the subconscious levels – unlock the limiting thoughts, emotions, instincts and more. (Yes, these are the main hidden obstacles).
2. Open your mind and heart to receive abundance. Through drumming, your energy becomes more open and positive. Become naturally more able to attract and receive abundance.
3. Release negative energy blocks in your mindset, your trapped emotions and energy. For example, feelings of not good enough, not enough, you don’t deserve it, rejecting others etc.


Who will be drumming and facilitating?
Your drumming will be conducted by trained drum healers – Dorothy, Li Xuan and Gabrielle and more, from the Rainbow Warrior Tribe who have experience in drumming for hundreds of people for better health, energy and abundance.


What activities can you look forward to?
1. Exercises to understand your abundance blocks
2. Exercises to understand your abundance cycles
3. Deep drumming meditations to heal your abundance blocks
4. Abundance drumming to welcome abundance to you and your loved ones
5. Facilitated exercises for you to chart your path of abundance


Disclaimer: the drum healing is a supplementary activity to improve your energy and reduce your energy, emotional and opportunity blockages. This is not a medical replacement or treatment. It is a supplement activity based on the science and research of traditional native american drum healing. Also, the drummers will be drumming. You can simply relax and focus on yourself and benefit from the drumming space.


Ready to let go of the old blockages and welcome abundance of the new year and this decade?


Join us for a 4 hr Abundance drumming and healing session on:
Date: 1 Feb, Saturday
Time: 10am – 2pm
Place: Space 2B @ 2B Stanley Street, Level 2, Singapore 068721 (near Telok Ayer)

$188 for 1
$168 each – 2 pax
$158 each – 3 pax and more.


To Register:
1. Name, email and phone number
2. PayNow to 9821 8227


Look forward to enabling you in this part of your healing and growth journey!


Bookings are closed for this event.


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