Xuan Healing Cove provides meditation, healing and life coaching sessions for you to relax, recharge and find your inner self. We help you to be better, fulfilled and happier in your work, your relationships and your life.

琁 (xuán) is a type of jade, said to bless, heal and protect. Through healing with us, we enable you to feel calmer and get better from the hurts that you have been through.

Founded on love, courage and connectedness, this space is created for you to rejuvenate, recharge and rediscover your inner self.

Founder’s Story

Hi! You can call me Li Xuan (pronounced lee shu-ann) and I’ll like to share with you about my healing experience.

My affinity with healing started since young, when I fell sick often, couldn’t take much medication, and had splitting migraines since I was 9. What really worked was massage and energy healing that helped my body’s energy or chi to flow better. When I was 21, my mother introduced me to energy and meditative healing with Hands with Love. This changed my life.

How Healing Worked

I first learned and experienced healing meditation. My energy revived. When the migraines hit, I meditate and my headaches would ease away. I started to heal others too, for backaches, menstrual cramps, insomnia, sore throat, stomachache, headache, flu and so on.  It was amazing seeing my clients feel so much better in only 5 to 30 minutes.

Healing goes beyond your body and energy, you can heal your deep seated negative thinking patterns and feelings too.

When I was 25, I experienced deep emotional and physical healing. I was guided to unearth the roots of some of my deep-seated impressions and consistent thoughts, feeling and action patterns, through coaching and transformation programs at Live Your Mark. These changed my life too. Physically, my seasickness and migraines got better, my myopic degree went down by 75 degrees (when I start seeing life more clearly).

Mentally and emotionally, I experienced phenomenal breakthroughs from being shy and quiet to expressing myself better, from being unclear and blur to having more clarity and direction.

My healing experience

Through my healing and transformation journey, I feel a deep connection with this work – awareness, healing, energy, consciousness. I further pursued deeper experiences of healing my body, past emotional traumas and consistent patterns. I also trained in self and team management, life coaching, chi nei tsang lymphatic healing, drum healing and further meditative healing. The journey is still ongoing.

In this process, I had the privilege to work with over 100 people, to enable their mind, heart and body to heal and transform. I’ve conducted meditation sessions, group coaching, group drum healing as well as personal consultation, healing and coaching sessions.

You are welcome to join us to guide you in your journey. Let’s open your doors, overcome your obstacles and chart your path moving forward in your next phase in life.

Xuan Healing Cove Vision

Our vision is to enable people from all around the world to glimpse and experience your authentic self, to heal your body, mind and heart and to create your own miracles in your life.

May we grow and evolve together on this journey of life!

With love, 
Li Xuan 


How often do clients feel better?

Meditation 90%
Shamanic Drum Healing 90%
Energy / Chi Nei Tsang Massage Healing 90%
Emotional Healing / Life Coaching 90%
Overall 90%

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