Giving from the Heart – Healing Abundance
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Giving from the Heart – Healing Abundance

“Giving is a privilege, not a burden. Once one understands that, one gets better and richer (inside and outside)”
– Founder of Stepwan, an experience sharing platform.

This quote inspires this article. I wish to share with you about a significant step in healing abundance and hope it can help you with yours.

In this experience, I went from feeling poor and scarce, holding on tightly to my money, to being more generous and giving.

There was a time when I was working hard 7 days a week without any income. My bank account was getting lower each month. At that time, I felt I was poor and tight in finances. I wanted to hold on to my money and didn’t want to give it out, for fear that it will reduce further. I delayed returning payments, reduced expenditures and even reduced giving material items or financial contributions to my family.

I was living in a feeling of increasing poverty and scarcity each day.

As I continued on this path, I was becoming poorer materially, mentally and emotionally. I was also making decisions that allowed this cycle to perpetuate, such as letting my co-founder keep all the revenues without questioning about accounting and profit-sharing.

This changed when I left the 24/7 all work and no pay environment and decided to take full responsibility and improve my life, health and finances. Bit by bit, I built back my finances while delivering meditation classes, coaching and healing services.

While I could support myself, I realised that I was still holding on to the feeling of being ‘poor’. I was still holding on to money and feeling insecure about spending. I was not putting the money inflow I received back into creating more value for others. This needed to change.

Decision #1: I decided that no matter how little I earn, I am still going to give and contribute to my family, close friends and those who are helping me.

I sought to follow my heart in terms of what I wish to give, despite of the little voice in my head saying “not enough money! stop spending!”. It was an uphill struggle initially, for I had been living with the scarcity mindset for so long and was very used to holding on to my money. Each time, I told myself that: “I choose to give, and I want to give with joy and love. Release this money to create more value for the ones I love and care for.”

I started buying more things for my family and close friends. Starting with groceries, then snacks, meals and whatever else I feel like getting for them. For my sister’s wedding, I decided that I will give her a gift of an amount from my heart.

Interestingly, each moment that I decided, “I will give willingly and set a clear intention for the money spent”, it brought a sense of peace and opening to my mind and heart. It felt very joyful to give.

The more I gave, the more I started to see beyond caring for my minimal well-being. I realised that if I really wanted to be able to step up into a bigger support role in my family, I would need to bring in a bigger flow of finances, which also means managing greater responsibilities.

While I can easily support myself, supporting my family and future family would require a bigger me and bigger perspective. This led to my second decision.

Decision #2: I decided to step up to manage more responsibilities. It was time to stop being a victim and complaining “not enough money”.

With this decision and willingness to manage more responsibilities, opportunities to do bigger roles and a greater inflow of money came in. 

I had the opportunity to teach mindfulness meditation to Bosch’s employees across the ASEAN region. New coaching and healing opportunities came in. An opportunity to guide people on a path of further personal development opened up, leading to my current role in SMU.

With greater inflow, I was able to provide more. And each time, I continue to practice giving with love and intention. Seeing the joy on the faces, I feel like I’m doing my part and brings a sense of fulfillment. This feels much better than just hoarding and trying to hold on to as much as I can.

Decision #3: Bring the abundance and blessings we receive to others. Don’t hoard it.

When we feel like we don’t have ‘enough’, the next natural step is to hoard and hold on to what we have (money, opportunities, love etc.).

Abundance and blessings flows in and out. While it feels nice to receive, it is also a privilege to have received. And it is a privilege to give to others from your heart.

While the lessons on healing abundance carries on and I would share more as they come along, I hope that this sharing helps you in your life, wherever you are.