Tips to be Calm & Focused from Home

When we are working from home, it may be difficult to separate work, family and personal space. Here are some tips to create your personal mind space.

Tip #1: Create Your Physical Space

Find the space(s) in your home where you can work and be reflective or creative. This could be a table, a corner of a room, a space on the floor, anywhere really. Find a space where you can focus. Clean this space and set it up in a way that helps you feel calm.

If your home situation is dynamic with people moving around, you may need to change your personal physical space change from time to time.

Tip #2: Create Your Mind Space

What is a mind space? It is a space within you where you are free to think, feel and act. A space where you can choose your standpoint, eg. who you want to be. For example, here, I choose to write this article from a space of love and sharing to help you have a better work-from-home experience.

How to create your mind space? 

Here are three steps.

1. Set Clear Intentions

Your intentions set the direction for your mind, heart and actions to follow. 

At the start of each month, week and day, set clear intentions including your tangible goals that you want to achieve and your intangible intentions of how you want to feel and what mindset you want to come from.

2. Meditate

Meditation brings you to the present moment and be in the flow of life, where you are relaxed, adaptable and open to the dynamic situations while being grounded and firm to execute work, do tasks and be focused.

3. Maintain Your Focus

As you go through the day, distractions may come up in your mind, causing you to lose the initial peaceful state of mind. When this happens, it’s important to first be aware that you’re getting distracted. Observe calmly how your inner state shifts when this distraction is happening.

Remember, you have a choice on what’s next. Would you prefer to continue in a distracted state or to shift back to focus?

To come back to focus, some ways include: make a decision in your mind to focus, continue on your initial task, meditate, take deep breaths or do a short 2 min activity to focus back.

To support you in being clear, calm and rejuvenated while working from home, you are welcome to join our Live Virtual Meditation sessions (time in GMT+8)

Welcome also to meditate with guided meditation videos (each within 15min) to be more focused and rejuvenated from home