Feeling Joy through Meditation

Feeling Joy through Meditation

If you have been staying at home for an extended period, your underlying emotions – sadness, anger, fear and more might be surfacing when you are forced to keep company with your inner self and your family. 

Where has your joy gone?

You are not the only one facing this. With meditation, you can feel joy once again.

My Experience: For a long time, I didn’t feel a need to look into or chase for joy. I feel fortunate to have a loving family and to be supported by many people in my journey of coaching and teaching meditation and workshops. Joy has always been there. Over the years, as setbacks, failure and constant criticism set in, the joy diminished until I felt often tired, empty and sad. Joy was diminishing. I was no longer the optimistic me that I knew 10 years ago. What happened?

So I plucked up my courage to meditate on a topic that I’ve been avoiding – joy.  Meditating on joy was surprisingly amazing. The feeling of joy and natural flow within me and around me rekindled, a long forgotten state of mind amidst the daily struggles of the past years.

I found back the feeling of joy through meditation. It is not fleeting or forced. It’s a natural feeling that is always there, as long as you connect to this state of mind. I believe that you will too, as you delve deeper and experience joy for yourself. 

3 Things to Remember About Joy

If you have been feeling down, especially amidst this period of covid-19, use this time to meditate and spend quality time with you. Nourish, know and heal your inner self. Eventually, you will feel joy once again in your life. 

1) Joy is woven in the fabric of life

Take a moment to breathe, be still and feel the joy of life. You begin to notice that there is energy moving and creating life. This energy of creation exists within the cells in our body, our heartbeat, and our thoughts. This energy exists outside of us, in plants and animals, in air and even in the lines of fate and time that connect us together. This energy is joyful and creating new moments with the sands of time. Life is a miracle.

2) In every moment, there is something to be grateful for

When life goes well, you are happy and grateful for the efforts and results. When things don’t go as you expect, you can still be grateful for the efforts and lessons that this experience teaches you. This learning and process can be joyful as well, when you allow yourself to open up and feel it.

3) Joy and Pain are not exclusive

It is possible to feel joyful and painful at the same time. When you face a difficult situation, you feel uncomfortable – fearful, sad, angry, stressed, jealous, regretful or disappointed. At the same time, the possibility of change and creating new moments are still around you. You can still feel the joy of being aliveYou have a choice to make decisions and take each step forward. 

Feeling Joy through Meditation

I encourage you to meditate and connect to yourself. Try it and experience where that leads you. You can start with sitting for 5 minutes and connecting to yourself.

For guided meditation to connect to your inner positive qualities, joy included, join us for 45 to 90min for a guided live online meditation session.