How Does Meditation Reduce Stress?

In our society today, we face stress – at work with the boss, colleagues, job scope, deadlines and maybe even at home (unresolved conflicts with your loved ones). Stress happens when our expectations do not match reality, and it feels pressurizing and uncomfortable. More and more people are turning to meditation to reduce stress.

How to reduce stress?

To reduce stress, you can run, exercise, eat comfort food, hang out with friends, do something that you like, go on vacation or just chill and do nothing and etc… the list goes on.

Alternatively, meditation can reduce stress very effectively. It helps you connect to a clear and vast space in your mind. When you get a hang of it, you can calm down, going from stressed to clear headed, within minutes or less.

Many of my clients and students face stress at work. They want to relieve their stress, insomnia and worries / anxiety. They have tried many ways – positive self talk, sleeping more, trying to do something else.. but it still doesn’t seem to work. So they decided to try meditation, which has helped them to feel clearer.

Meditation helps us reduce stress in various ways.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 ways meditation reduces stress:

1. Relaxes your mind: 

In meditation, your mind comes to a deeply relaxed state (alpha frequency). In this state, your mind and body are relaxed. Thoughts come and go naturally. You feel at ease, clear headed and objective

2. Gives you space:

Stress happens when you feel pressured with insufficient space (time, physical space, energy). Meditation takes you out of the situation and gives you a mental break to recharge and get clearer. With more space, you could get new perspectives, insights and solutions. That’s why managers, top executives and business leaders do meditation regularly to clear their perspectives.

3. Brings you to the present moment:

In the present moment, your whole person is here and now, physically, mentally and emotionally. You are not worrying or stressing over what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. You are simply being in the moment. When you’re stressed, bringing yourself to the “present moment” provides you the mental break and space you need.

How meditation cleared my anger/stress in minutes:

Let me share a story: I was frustrated when I ordered an important item online for my classes and it was repeatedly not delivered, and refused a refund. In the height of my frustration, I decided to do a 5 minute meditation. This 5 minute meditation changed everything. Within minutes, I calmed down and had more empathy for the guy on the other line. I knew what to do to communicate more effectively and  help the other party to understand the situation better. Meditation really helped me to dissolve the anger and open perspectives swiftly!

Meditation Classes

I hope this article is helpful for you. I hope you get a clearer insight on dealing with stress with meditation. We have meditation class to help you release accumulated stress,. Welcome to join in for a session sometime or drop us a comment at