Will Meditation Help Anxiety?

stressed woman - shared by Xuan Healing Cove

Time to time, clients come to meditation class when experiencing anxiety in their lives. They find themselves overthinking, having blank out moments, having difficulty in focusing, not able to sleep well and etc. And they ask, will meditation help anxiety?

Short answer is, YES.

Meditation helps you to slow down (the anti-direction of anxiety’s uncontrolled fast pace) and take things one at a time. It brings you to the present moment. 

This helps a lot because your mind finally takes a break from being constantly worried and anxious (usually about the future or something you cannot control or don’t know how to solve). 

Meditation brings you to a deeply relaxed and clearer state of mind, the alpha frequency of mind. Alpha wave frequency is a resting state for the brain. This is where your scattered or stuck thoughts start sorting out. It has been researched that when your mind is in alpha wave mode, it helps overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.

Long answer is, to help anxiety, you need meditation and more.

Meditation brings you to the present moment. The moment of now.  

Meditation helps you become more aware of your thoughts and what’s bothering you. What are the repeating thoughts that are happening? Where is the tension in your body when you are anxious? Where is your inner conflict?

This is just the beginning.

You need to take this opportunity to look deeper, know yourself and act upon solutions.

Here is one key tip for you on how meditation helps anxiety:

Through meditation, look into what is really bothering you. What really scares you? What do you not want to face? What are you fearing?

If it is difficult to face this, talk to a friend or hire a coach to help you mirror yourself to you.

And then take actual steps to:

  • Find the answers you are afraid to find
  • Bring a close to matters that you have been avoiding (especially conversations with people you need to talk to)
  • Face the reality of the situation you are facing

You can do this.

Meditation is an initial step. It creates for you the windows for you to peek into, to feel and embrace your inner self. When you work harmoniously together with yourself, you can finally be free from the root causes that are making you anxious.

I hope this is helpful for you. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions too. 

If you’ll like to try meditation, we offer guided classes for you and have helped many people facing stress, anxiety and overthinking to be able to overcome the negative thoughts.

If you’ll like to hire a coach, we can help you to figure out your thoughts, take control and move forward effectively.