Power Up Your Energy with Meditation

Meditation can help to focus and improve your energy. 

We are tired because our energy is dispersed.

Are you feeling:

  • tired after work
  • stressed and anxious
  • low energy even after resting

There is a reason why you are tired. Your energy is leaking to somewhere and not coming back.

Think about it…

You have energy to feel …

  • anxious
  • think a lot when you are supposed to rest
  • feel upset or angry

Logically speaking…

You do have energy.

The energy seems to be going to places, like:

  • worrying about the future
  • holding on to the anger, hurt, sadness from what happened in the past
  • complaining instead of doing something

When your focus and attention is on other places, how much energy do you have left to do the things you want to do?

Why is this so?

There is a root cause. It takes a journey to find it and heal that root cause.

You can start with meditation.

How can meditation power up your energy?

  1. Release the tensions trapped inside:
    – These could be physical body tensions in your shoulders, neck, back, gut, organs, head, legs, arms or anywhere else.
    – You may begin to release what’s emotionally holding you back, such as a refusal to let go of the anger, sadness, disappointments, shame, self doubt and so on.
    – Begin also to ease the recurring thoughts about your job, your relationship, your past and future.
  2. Come to a deeper and open inner space:
    Get in tune with yourself. Bring yourself to be fully in the present moment.
  3. Renew and recharge your energy: 
    Connect to the natural and good energy to heal and power up your energy!

Why Meditate in a group setting?

When asked, participants said they wish to meditate in a group setting because they were not sure if they are doing it correctly on their own when following the apps, and they want to learn how to meditate right. Some wanted to experience deeper meditation or start their meditation practice in a group because effects of meditation are multiplied in a group.

That is exactly what we were working on in this session with Power Up Your Energy with Meditation!

People meditating at Mediation Class - Xuan Healing Cove

Group Meditation to Power Up Your Energy

Before: Participants were feeling stressed, tired, sleepy, anxious and overwhelmed.

After: They felt more relaxed, calm energetic and recharged. Some felt less stressed and more happy and confident too.

People lying down at deep relaxation meditation - Xuan Healing Cove

Relaxing and releasing stress

As we release stress and emotional and physical tensions, participants feel clearer, more aware of themselves and the situations they are facing. They also feel more empowered to resolve their issues.

If you’ve been feeling low in energy, anxious or stressed, you, too, can power up your energy with meditation.