Mindfulness @ Work

We are happy to share that the trial meditation sessions at Bosch Singapore were very helpful for the participants.

Before meditation, people were feeling kind of stressed, tired, occupied and having many thoughts in their minds, like how we often feel after putting in our time and energy into a hard day’s work.

After the session, the participants felt more:

  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Light
  • Calm
  • Clear Minded
  • Better Energy

Eye Relaxation Exercises

Exercises to deeply relax the areas around the eyes, face and head. This was a good relief for tired eyes after hours in front of a screen.

20 people lying down at deep relaxation meditation - Xuan Healing Cove

Guided Deep Relaxation

Releasing tensions and recharging energy in a relaxing and guided setting

Let’s see a LinkedIn post from one of the directors attending:

Screenshot of LinkedIn testimonial of mindfulness meditation class conducted at Bosch - Xuan Healing Cove

Mindfulness reduces workplace stress and boosts innovation

We would love to enable your team and you to relax, recharge and rejuvenate too. 

When your leaders and employees are recharged and relaxed at work, the ability to focus, make decisions and handle conflicts and relationships improves significantly. 

On an organisation level, this translates into significant cost savings in terms of sick leaves, burnouts and ineffectiveness. And you get a more focused, happy and productive workforce backing you up in your business.

Mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts you can equip your leaders and employees with. And it translates into an inspired team which creates results, handles high stress and thinks out of the box.

How would you like to give your team the foundations for working with a clear mind, good energy and high focus?