Nature’s Wisdom: Dark Skies are not always dark

I was looking at the dark skies with heavy dark grey clouds and thunder rumbling and thinking, it was going to rain. I still went out for my jog anyway. And this taught me a very important lesson from nature. 

I’ll like to share it here with you.

Look at the super dark skies here.


As I jogged, the wind blew strong and stronger with each minute. I felt the skies get heavier and heavier. I moved indoors, preparing for the rain. 

It didn’t rain.

Now look at the skies 45 minutes later!

After 45 minutes:

It’s all clear, with the sun shining through and the blue sky there as if nothing had happened.

This is like life.

When the dark clouds cover the skies, we think it’s going to rain. In a while, the weather cleared up. Bringing this back to our lives, when bad things happen and our circumstances seem dim, it’s as if the worst it around the corner. Yet it may all blow over in just a moment and things brighten up again.

Dark skies aren’t always dark. 

It is temporary. 

It is a passing phase.

Look beyond the clouds, the darkness and obstacles that we face. 

Look further.

Above the clouds, the clear skies remain. 

Like the clear skies of our hearts, before it’s obscured with our own clouds of worries, stress, anger, disappointment, sadness, jealousy, pride, shame, resignation and more.

“Après la pluie, le beau temps”      – Comtesse de Ségur

(After the rain, the nice weather)


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