Should I meditate? 5 Reasons to meditate

Did you know that meditation is one of the most efficient and lasting ways for you to help yourself be clear and focused?

Perhaps your friends have talked about it. Or someone has asked you to meditate. Or you see these meditation ads all over.

Why should you meditate?

Here are 5 reasons to meditate:

  1. You can grow and be wiser

    Meditation is a practice that enables your mind to shift in frequency to a slower frequency where you find it easier to take a step back. By meditating, you get some space to feel, think and know yourself and the situation better.
  2. You can grow and be wiser

    “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens” – Jimi Hendrix

    When you meditate, you are spending quality time to listen to yourself. How are you feeling? How are your body sensations? What thoughts are running through you?  The more you listen, the deeper you know yourself and access to your inner wisdom.

  3. You can feel more peace, joy and love

    Imagine you have a space within you. Like the clear open skies. As life goes through, this gets obscured by clouds, wind and rain. In meditation, you get to work through these obstacles that stand between you in your inner space. Such as negative emotions of anger, sadness, shame, disappointment, jealousy and pride. As you start to feel your inner space more, you begin to feel the peace, joy and love from yourself, beyond conditional happiness.

  4. It saves you time

    Meditating for 5 minutes and getting the clarity can save you hours of inefficiency. Is that worth it? Yes, of course. The key issue is that we tell ourselves that we are busy, we don’t make time for ourselves and continue being busy in the same way as before. When you meditate, you can easily start with a simple 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes a day.

  5. You can find solutions you didn’t think of

    Ever experienced waking up after a good rest and the solution that you have been looking high and low for.. just appears? When you meditate, your mind’s frequency is shifted from the beta (12 to 40 Hz) to alpha (8 to 12 Hz) state. In this state, broken links are mended, ideas come together, your body and mind naturally starts sorting things out and clearing up. And in this clearer space, perhaps you can find the clues to the solutions you have been seeking for!

It is a simple and consistent practice you can pick up for yourself.

Give yourself some breathing space that you deserve.