Actual Session: Meditation to Relax

Sound healing meditation

Meditation can help you to relax. 

In our life, we undergo emotional stress, frustration, worry. These mental and emotional weights could create tensions in our body and mind.

For example, if you:

  • shoulder responsibilities and have many things to consider, you may find tension in your neck and shoulders, as if you have been carrying heavy weights. 
  • find it difficult to “stomach” or “digest” what you are dealing with, you may find that your digestion is not too good. 
  • find it difficult to let go, you may feel constipation, kidney, liver tensions, heart/chest tightness.
  • keep your emotions to yourself, you may find that you’re more prone to throat issues, thyroid issues etc.

How would you like to release these built up stress and tension inside us?

In this meditation, we explore a few ways to relax ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally

  1. Physical Relaxation by massaging the acupoints around the eyes and for the liver.

Our eyes are often under strain when we do computer work, thinking work and worry. By relaxing our eyes, the nerves in the face and head relax and this feeling of relaxation extends to our back and body. 

Our liver detoxes our blood. It supports the storage of nutritional elements, regulates energy and supports general activity of the body. It also provides us with the energy to resist illnesses. The liver has a key role in clearing our emotions, which is carried in our blood.

2. Relaxation Meditation to further release tensions through

  • Breathing
  • Body tension release
  • Drum meditation.

For once in years, some of the participants felt their minds finally had a rest from all the thinking. Some found realizations about their next steps in their personal growth and life.

What could open up for you when you finally relax?


Join us to recharge yourself and release your stress, worries and frustrations.

Restart on a fresh note!


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    1. Hi Harrell, it’s great to hear from you! Thank you for the kind comments! Most welcome to join in for a live mindfulness session sometime. How did you come across our website?

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